445-VP Business Development & Marketing Aerospace Industry

Greensboro, North Carolina, United States



Responsible to provide leadership and ownership of the company business development in all aspects as well as the marketing functions. Develop and implement new business avenues with full ROI and market capture strategy. Grow customer’s base, expand business with current customers and ensure existing customers’ satisfaction. Partner with the sales team to ensure alignment on market analysis and new growth opportunities. Keep the presidents abreast on all aspects of the business development via all methods of communication.


* Direct and oversee the Organization’s Business Development and marketing effort

* Initiate contacts and meetings with potential customers to build the next year’s sales.

* Analyze the market for the 2 companies and establish new leads and business.

* Advertise, initiate campaigns, to promote the companies capabilities & product in the market.

* Learn customer needs in order to fill them with the company’s existing product line or through new product develop as required.

* Complete full business analysis for all new product ideas

* Learn and advise about new areas and application for new business to the companies.

* Advise the presidents on cost, profit and loss of potential contracts and business opportunities.

* Research changes in the global market

* Handle legal matters with the legal department.

* Collaborate with other company functions to ensure company capability to fulfill the requirements of a future contracts.

* Document all activities and communication related to customers (contacts, travel, meetings, etc.)

* Conduct presentation to the presidents, management team, and corporate executives.

* Keep accurate and detailed expense reports and submit in a timely manner

* Coordinate BD plan with the presidents and VP sales


* Must represent the company’s in a professional manner.

* Possess proven ability to sell and promote a product.

* Proven Leadership with effective verbal and written communication skills.

* Proven negotiating skills

* Proven analytical skills.

* Ability to interact with customers, nationally and internationally, to gain their trust.

* Must have knowledge of the company’s product at the technical level.

* Ability to compete in a fast paced environment

* Familiarity with FAA/EASA/NADCAP regulations preferred

* Familiarity with ITAR

* Must be able and available for domestic and international travel.

* High integrity and loyalty to company

* Several years of experience in aerospace manufacturing Business Development & Marketing.

* Computer proficiency (Word, Excel, Power point, outlook)

Critical Personality characteristics for success in the position

* Self-starter – active, constantly looks to change and improve, initiate and follow though

* Strong self - confidence, which based on deep thinking (rather than ego or experience), planning capabilities and wide strategic and business view.

* High energy – dynamic and fast moving individual

* High performer who focuses on results and gets self-gratification from success

* A team member who enjoys building and being part of strong teams

* Excellence in verbal and written communication

* Ability to challenge and be challenged by others

* Smart and sharp individual with strong analytical capabilities

* High EQ


Business, marketing degree, administration or management from an accredited institution.


President, Sales and Marketing Team, VP Operation, EVP S&M (Group level)

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